8 1/2

Federico Fellini

A director's struggle to complete a film while his vices continue to distract him.


500 Days Of Summer

Marc webb

Ever fallen a certain person only to realize they aren't just THAT into you? But what a fun & relatable story!


2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick

Undeniably the greatest sci-fi film ever to be made... while it may be a slow burn the terror couldn't feel more real today.


A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick

A film I didn't like at first. But second and third time around I understood - and became a fan of Kubrick's strange work.



Jim Abrahams

The puns, one-liners are still quoted today. Could be Leslie Nielsen's best film (arguing against The Naked Gun).


Almost Famous

Cameron Crowe

An innocent kid gets to go on tour with a band. He gets exposed to quite a lot more than he's used to. He will never be the same. But for him its not all bad.



Milos Forman

I'm putting this one in my TOP TEN. The ultimate movie on JEALOUSY. A true well-paced masterpiece. 'Nuff said.



Jean-Pierre Jeunet

It was my introductory movie to foreign film and still resonates today. Quirky, light-hearted and beautifully portrayed love story about being cupid, never the one IN love.


American Beauty

Sam Mendes

The perfect American family household - from the outside. On the inside - could not be more chaotic. A gritty look inside the "perfect" American family.


American History X

Tony Kaye

A story that must be shared. An eye-opening tale of extreme hate and its ripple effect. A tough one to watch - but a film you will never forget.


An Education

Lone Scherfig

She meets a much older more sophisticated man. He introduces her to a whole new world she never knew existed. But this cannot last forever...



Ron Howard

I always wanted to be a firefighter growing up. This was before the radio thing. To this day, best fire-fighting movie ever made.



Tim Burton

I watched this movie again after seeing The Dark Knight trilogy. Its still such an iconic film. Ground breaking when it came out. Keaton and Nicholson are on fire here.

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Big Fish

Tim Burton

This was a new Tim Burton kind of film when it came out. A fantasy well told by a dying father to his son. This movie has just about everything you can imagine.



Terry Gilliam

A dark gritty comedy loosely-based on George Orwel's 1984. Robert DeNiro also has a few scenes in this one to. Get ready for a weird ride into the future!



Martin Scorcese

A visual masterpiece accompanied by the great storytelling talents from Martin Scorcese. A classic must-see mob movie.


City Lights

Charlie Chaplin

Made in 1931 yet the genius of Chaplin's comedy could not be more evergreen. I just watched this one again and could not stop laughing at the boxing scene.



Mike Nichols

A truly bizarre love triangle fashioned by the upper-middle class modern London lifestyle... featuring Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts.


The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan

Arguably the best Batman film to date. Heath Ledger's last completed role in a film. This changed the legacy - and for the better. Outstanding Batman film.


The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan

A political revolution of unrest threatens to end Gotham with Batman's strongest villian, Bane played by Tom Hardy.


Darkest Hour

Joe Wright

Winston Churchill was a G. He won against the tyranny of Hitler by being a stubborn my-way-or-the-highway mentality. But you know there was much more to the story than that...


The Devil Wears Prada

David Frankel

A film that seems to get better each time I watch it. How far will one go for that dream career - and how far will you go to keep it?


Dog Day Afternoon

Sidney Lumet

Al Pacino pulls off the role of a lifetime here. A man robs a bank to pay for his lover's operation. Oh and just so you know, based on a TRUE story. 



Oliver Hirschiegel

I have yet to see a better film about Hitler's last few days of WWII. In German but is told in great detail.


E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Steven Spielberg

How does this not make the list? The most memorable and touching story involving a kid and his alien buddy. Spielberg at the beginning of his peak.


Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder bring in the 90's decade with this light-hearted gothic protagonist who just wanted someone to love him.


End Of Watch

David Ayer

This film wins on so many levels - raw storytelling with some really likeable dudes as the lead characters. Its a first hand look at what these guys have to go through.


Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick

You can't unsee this film. That is all I will say...



Robert Zemeckis

Denzel Washington is brilliant as the alcoholic pilot who saved lives but destroyed his own.


Full Metal Jacket

Stanley Kubrick

The first half of this film is made iconic by the foul-mouthed over the top drill sergeant. The second half is a war movie.



Ridley Scott

There's Spartacus and there's Gladiator. The ONLY 2 gladiator movies you should see.


Glengarry Glen Ros

James Foley

Learn your ABC's: Always Be Closing. Start-studded cast featuring Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris and more.


The Gofather

Francis Ford Coppola

Classic. The greatest story ever told about the Italian and New York mafia. Slow burn but historic in cinema.


The Godfather Part II

Francis Ford Coppola

Young Michael takes over the family business. This is when it gets REALLY good.


Gone Girl

David Fincher

Really, the last true THRILLER film I have seen. A wife goes missing so who's to blame? The husband of course (played by Ben Affleck).



Martin Scorcese

In my humble opinion, this is the GREATEST MOB MOVIE ever made. Period. Argument over. Mic drop.


The Graduate

Mike Nichols

He's dating her daughter. But she wants him!!! Let's not tell her just yet. This can't end well... a BRILLIANT film.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderon

I know Wes Anderon films are odd. Most of them are. But this was hands down the funniest of them all! Could not stop laughing!


Groundhog Day

Harold Ramis

The day keeps repeating itself... and he can't shake it. What is Bill Murray to do in this classic comedy.



Michael Mann

My #1 film. An epic 3 hour crime saga about high caliber criminals (Pacino, DeNiro) in Los Angeles. The bank shoot out scene will forever go down as the greatest shootout scene in modern film history.


Inglorious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino

Some say Tarantino's best work was Pulp Fiction. I say only because it has years on this one. I.B. is his best work to date. Re-watchability: 10/10.



Christopher Nolan

Where do I begin with this one? Matthew McConaughey's best work? One of the best sci-fi films of all time? This is well made and I recommend to everyone.


Into The Wild

Sean Penn

A city boy ditches his well-educated life and future for the wilderness. He meets many interesting characters along the way but can he survive out there?


It's A Wonderful Life

Frank Capra

My family and I would watch this every Christmas... and with good reason. It's not just a Christmas classic, but a good heartfelt story one should be reminded of every year.

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Jackie Brown

Quentin Tarantino

There are so many great well know actors in this film. Reppin' LA and with a good soundtrack to boot. Another Tarantino classic.



Oliver Stone

The entire JFK story in intriguing. This follows closely the aftermath and investigation into his mysterious assassination - featuring Kevin Costner.


Jerry Maguire

Cameron Crowe

SHOW. ME. THE. MONEYYYYY. What a great movie. So many life lessons in this light-hearted romantic comedy / drama.


La Bamba

Luis Valdez

The story of Ritchie Valens and his fast rise to fame and even faster career. Heartbreaking story but what music he left behind!


La Dolce Vita

Federico Fellini

The story of Italian playboy journalist Marcello and his love for the chase. But he's older now. Is it too late to change his ways? My 2nd all time favorite film.



Stanley Kubrick

How did they make a movie like this? Only Kubrick could pull it off. An epic journey into a relationship that not only went too far - but was never supposed to begin.


Lost In Translation

Sofia Coppola

Its like a visual vacation to Tokyo with Bill Murray. Really how can it get better than that? Another Top 10 for me.


Margin Call

J.C. Chandor

A unique problem presents itself in this gritty corporate thriller. Its focal point encompasses the multi-level teirs of power, each looking for the same thing.


Match Point

Woody Allen

Deep inside the British elite there's a murder, a love triangle and some tennis. When you don't know when to stop. Top 5 thriller of all time.



Lars Von Trier

Dark, moody and a wistful side of Kirsten Dunst she does so well. Scientists have discovered another earth... headed straight for ours. How do the rich elite react?


Michael Clayton

Tony Gilroy

A corporate law attorney gets his hands involved in a major case... involving the city's water and possible contamination. But he wasn't prepared for what he was up against.


Molly's Game

Aaron Sorkin

One of the BEST newer movies on the list. The true story of Molly (Olympic hopeful) who ran an illegal gambling ring for the elite. An intelligent fast paced thriller.


Mulholland Drive

David Lynch

A dark and twisted tale of what some would do to get the roll of a lifetime. This is after all, Hollywood.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton

Tim Burton's masterpiece of stop-motion animation is a cinematic classic that will stand the test of time. Danny Elfman's music takes this classic even further.


No Country For Old Men

Coen Bros

He carries around a cattle gun and murders as he travels through town. Trying to stop him is one thing but dealing with a drug deal gone wrong just adds to the fire.


Ordinary People

Robert Redford

Before American Beauty was Ordinary People. A much more heart-wrenching film that dives deep into a family in the aftermath of a tragedy. You see it through the boy's eyes and happy to see when he meets his new friend - help is not far away.



Franklin J. Shaffner

One of the greatest biographies / war dramas ever made. This follows General Patton and his road to victory in WWII. Yes he smacked a few soldiers along the way, but maybe we needed someone like that during that time..


The Perfet Host

Nick Tomnay

Whatever you do, don't rob the house of a police officer. Especially one who's a bit crazy himself. Oops, wrong house buddy.

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The Pianist

Roman Polanski

Even in the darkest of darkest times does music bring people together. Nothing else was going to save him here.


Pulp Fiction

Quentin Taraintino

Without a doubt this was taken off the shelf of Greatest Films of All Time. You may argue with me but this could be second to his Inglorious Basterds.



Brad Bird

A rat that can cook fine dining, a kid who needs a job and a food critic who just needs love. I LOVE this movie and can watch it any time any where.


Rebel Without A Cause

Nicholas Ray

James Dean only made 3 films - this was his best. Even decades later it still rings heartfelt and adventurous as he tries to find himself in a new town.


Rocky IV

Sylvester Stallone

You can say Rocky was the best - but I like this one better. This is the one where he fights the Russian Ivan Drago. Cue James Brown "Livin' In America" and hit play.

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Rosemary's Baby

Roman Polanksi

Over 50 years later and still one of the scariest films I've ever seen. I'll leave it at that.



Billy Wilder

A Hollywood classic. Audrey Hepburn and  Humphrey Bogart star in this OG classic rom/com that's still better than most today.


The Sandlot

David Mickey Evans

"You're killin' me smalls!!!" Who doesn't love this movie? Because they cannot have any of my s'mores of that's the case.



Brian de Palma

Most remember that last epic shootout scene. But the story is really where the juice is at. From immigrant to millionaire - the story of Tony Montana. Violent but never a dull moment.


Schindler's List

Steven Spielberg

Greatest film ever made on the Holocaust. Spielberg's epic cinematic ground-breaking true story led by Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler, the man who saved thousands.


The Secret In Their Eyes (Argentinian)

Juan Jose Campanella

There's an American version. You can skip that one. See this one instead. An outstanding detail-oriented nail-biting thriller set in Argentina starring Ricardo Drain.


Shutter Island

Martin Scorcese

You can watch this film and not know it was directed by Scorcese. You can't usually say that with his films. Dark, adventurous thriller on who's lying vs. who's crazy?


The Shining

Stanley Kubrick

"Heeeeere's Johnny!" What happens when you keep a family couped up in an empty hotel during what seems to be a VERY LONG winter storm.



Denis Villenueve

I'll always remember the seeing at the border. Cars backed up for miles. Inching feet at a time. This is not where you want to be during a shootout with the cartel.



Alexander Payne

Two guys go a bachelor party adventure to wine country. One wants to live out his last single moments, one just really wants to drink wine.


Sin Nombre

Cari Joji Fukunaga

The harsh reality of shifting your life from one side of the border to the other. Its not just the border patrol one has to worry about.

download (2).jpg

Sunset Blvd.

Billy Wilder

She's stuck in her own reality. Still a major star you see... and one guy finds himself in waters to deep. If TMZ were around then this story would for sure be front page first post.


Swimming With Sharks

George Huang

Hollywood business is competitive business. One must be willing to put up with a lot of bull. But this guy (high pitched voice) may have taken it too far. 



Doug Liman

From Hollywood to Las Vegas its time to shake his best friend off his ex he can't get over. Maybe this trip will help. Maybe they'll met some babies... baby.



Stephen Gaghan

George Clooney was his first Oscar for this role. The torture scene is a bit much. But his business doesn't include brunches at the Beverly Hilton either...


Taxi Driver

Martin Scorcese

A focus on one man's descent into insanity. Before Joker, it was Taxi Driver. A young DeNiro at the beginning of his incredible career.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Steve Barron

Most cartoon turned movies are medicore at best - this one was good. Plenty of action, witty comedic dialogue that even adults appreciated.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

James Cameron

This is one of the rare case the sequel is the better film. Schwarzenegger at his peak leads this groundbreaking classic. One of those "better to watch in a theater" movies.


There Will Be Blood

Paul Thomas Anderson

A greedy oil man will stop at nothing to drill oil wells and pipes through the local's land. Daniel Day Lewis wins me over in this intellectual villainous role. Top 10.


Top Gun

Tony Scott

An 80's classic full of fast jets, dope bikes and possibly the best soundtrack of the decade. But can you take me up too please?



Steven Sodenbergh

The drug business hits closer to home that expected. This is a serious look at both sides of the business on both sides of the border.


Training Day

Antoine Fuqua

His first day on the job lands him partner with one of the most corrupt cops on the block. Is here sure he's meant for this?



Clint Eastwood

The only western on the list but I've always thought this was my favorite. Hard tie between this and The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. This one is newer.


The Usual Suspects

Bryan Singer

One of the first crime thirllers I've ever seen with that kind of twist. A cult classic in the crime genre and with good reason.


V For Vendetta

James McTeigue

Was he a villian or a hero? Hard to tell. But what a epic journey this was. The not-too-far future... London... stay in your homes.



Alfred Hitchcock

If you've seen Psycho and loved it - wail until you see this one. So much richer in story and dialogue. You are in the terror with them.


The Virgin Suicides

Sofia Coppola

This is the second Sofia Coppola mention on the list. All I'm going to say is this film's ending was NOT expected.



Damien Chazelle

How far are you willing to go to impress your teacher, coach, boss no matter how hard he or she pushes you? When is too much


Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Mel Stuart

Gene Wilder was something special. His incredibly witty one-liners and puns would make the likes of Winston Churchill admire. A classic I've been watching since I was a kid!

52c193b369bedd417f6167bf - Copy.jpg

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Martin Scorcese

How was this story even true? How can one man do so many drugs and be so successful? Well as you know these things never end well...


The Wrestler

Daron Aronofsky

One man's struggle with the balance between his personal life and career. His daughter is his only hope... if he sees it in time.

WEB-Flix-Young-Frankenstein - Copy.jpg

Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks

So funny. I laughed so hard. Mel Brooks athis best. I mean Spaceballs is what I grew up with... but this is better.

image-asset - Copy.png

Up In The Air

Jason Reitman

He's livin' the dream. Single, traveling, making money. Until one day she walks into his life. But its not love. Its an awakening.