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ZHU live at The Greek LA

I’m calling it… FAVORITE CONCERT (so far) of 2021! I recently went to the Zhu concert at the Greek Theatre in LA. This was my third time seeing him live… and it was a BLAST!!!

The first time I had seen him was at Austin City Limits Music Festival. We stumbled upon his stage around twilight. He was still new then, fairly known only to the EDM / house crowds. But we were still plenty heads back. The crowd was thick at ACL.

Second time was at his own show at The Bomb Factory in Dallas. That’s when I actually bought tickets to see him. It was a Wednesday night. My mind was blown. By then, I was a fan.

Finally, long awaited third time had arrived, post-pandemic and outdoors at the beautiful and quaint Greek Theatre in LA... or Los Feliz. Whichever you prefer. The Southern California fall weather evening was perfect - as you can imagine. Because it was a Sunday night we had the rare chance to get there early. If you know the Greek, you know it’s nicely nestled between pine trees in the foothills of Griffith Park.

Our seats were in Section B center, row A. So only the rail was in front of us. To the right, an intellectual couple who looked as though they just left work, but we’re dancing along the whole show. To our left, a party hardy live in the moment go-all-out couple we’re pumping arms nonstop for the entire show. We fit nicely between the two.

The show started off with a Cal Trans highway message sign that something along the lines of “Welcome to Dreamland.” The light was taken away and soon replaced by the giant wall of a booth Zhu stood behind. The music started, the lights went crazy.

I always described Zhu's music like this: it's house music, topped with falsetto vocals that has the feel of an old detective crime-thriller, film noir, rainy night, as the protagonist, deep in dread, writes in his journal as he sips his bourbon as he's leaned up against the glass wall of his high rise bachelor pad. He's getting ready for the night. Sax plays softly in the background. The bass keeps pace.

This was the Zhu show I was expecting. Incredible and out of your world experience for a quick two hours. We danced and threw our arms towards the stage. This was the energy I had expected. I forgot it was a Sunday night. We were lost in the music and lights. This is why I love Zhu.


Intro / Came For The Low

In The Morning


Guilty Love


Sweet Like Honey

Desert Woman


Risky Business



I Admit It

Light It Up


Sky Is Crying



Working For It

Still Want U



Fix You

My Life

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