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Show #8: From The 'Streetz' Of Hollywood

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Manny "On The Streets" was on the radio in LA for over 15 years. He's worked with some of the greatest radio legends of our time, including Ryan Seacrest and Rick Dees. His name was (in many ways) more recognizable than some of the local DJ's. His fan base was big. He knew how to connect with his audience. And not too long ago he came to visit Radio Flyer to talk about his story.

His story begins in Jacksonville, Florida. He came to LA to pursue a career in Hollywood as an actor. But he first fell into a local radio station that happened to be at one of the biggest radio stations in the world... KIIS FM Los Angeles.

While at KIIS, he climbed the ranks from being on the street team to working with prominent radio figures like JoJo on the Radio and ultimately radio legends like Rick Dees and Ryan Seacrest.

We find out his story, how he ended up there, how he became friends with Ariana Grande, where he is going next and WHAT THE HECK happened to those epic Halloween parties he used to throw... because well that's important too. Click play below to hear it all...

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