• Freddy Rivera

Show #7: Saved By The Bell

It's a rare, rare, RARE occasion when my high school teacher comes and visits me for a show. He came once before I was in radio when I had 2 listeners online. Now that I have 4 , he's back with much more to talk about.

We begin with... well... me. What type of student I was like in high school. Ask me and I will say a lot has changed since then. Ask Mr. Cataldo, he'll beg to differ. Cue the 'LOL' emoji here.

But all jokes aside we eventually get into the topic of what teaching is like during this pandemic and what challenges he and other teachers have faced.

We also get a gauge on what the millennial and Gen-Z generations might (or might not) have in common. Interesting subject to say the least. Not too often we get this serious on Radio Flyer. But I (once again) learn quite a lot talking with my old high school teacher.

We've remained good friends since I've graduated and all-in-all I'm grateful for him to have taken the time to visit me in my home studio with Michelle Zuno. We was a blast. Hoping he comes back soon! He's a talker... and a good one at that.

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