• Freddy Rivera

Show 37: Dana Schaeffer

They say the drummer is the backbone of a live band. Well Dana is and has been THIS for endless radio shows, ranging from New York to Los Angeles as producer, talent, writer, journalist - the list continues.

I developed a unique friendship with Dana over her years at KIIS FM LA. I got to see her range as a talent, not just in radio, but in baking and working with some of the greats in the culinary world as well. She too, has worked with the greats and is becoming one herself.

There is no doubt whichever platform becomes hers is one that will be vibrant and flourish. We're happy to have her on, talk (unfiltered) about our mutual love for the radio industry and the people in it. Because, well, that's what we did when we went for coffee after long days at work. This time, we have mics turned on.

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