• Freddy Rivera

Show 35: Adventures of a Fat Guy

"To the moon" is what we all hoped our favorite crypto stock would do. But in reality, it was Willie a.k.a. Adventures of a Fat Guy's social media that did just that. And for good reason. Very good reason.

Locally born and braised in East LA, Willie never had the intention of becoming an "influencer." But he DID want to share his skillset with the world. The skill of cooking incredibly good food. So he did what he knew best. Food.

From cooking a tomahawk steak in his backyard to sharing his favorite taco joints in the neighborhood, and how to correctly garnish that beautiful piece of eat from the butcher. He had a thing for sharing his secrets. And for doing so, his audience soon followed... and in a big way.

No one is more humbled and authentic in his teachings and showmanship, and that probably has something to do with his recent success. Long time in the works, longer time in mutual networks and now finally on the chopping block, Adventures of a Fat Guy is here and shares what its like to be a social media success, how to become one and where to find that amazing taco spot no one is talking about yet in Southern California.

Follow him here: @AdventuresOfAFatGuy


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