• Freddy Rivera

Show 23: The Dallas Star

It's the symbol that represents the great state of Texas but I'm also lending the name to Jeff K, who voices the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Stars and Dallas radio.

While he lives in Dallas, his story stretches out to LA during a time when we had a 24/7 EMD / house radio station called Groove Radio. He preaches a high degree of relevance - the importance of staying closely connected to the industry you love.


2:00 Groove Radio

3:02 KROQ

3:20 Rave culture

6:50 Star Club

19:45 How he got the job as the Dallas Stars announcer

21:33 How he got the job as the Dallas Cowboys announcer

24:18 Stay relevant!

25:45 How to get into radio today

33:19 Morrissey's setlist

33:48 If he had to pick just ONE artist...

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