• Freddy Rivera

Show 11: The Hollywood Cowabunga

From fighting over the same girl in high school to taking over Hollywood, veteran DJ Luis Luv recollects (in his no-filter approach) his wild adventures with Freddy Rivera. The rabbit hole goes deep with these two.

From nights in refrigerator doors to exclusive after parties with Chanel Westcoast, to today's pandemic-driven housing market in LA... and why everybody is leaving.

Oh... and about that cow suit...

These two create a new meaning to the term "dynamic duo."


* Dating the same girl and we don't even know it (1:50)

* Welcome to Hollywood (4:00)

* Gentleman Thursdays / Good Times at Davy Wayne's (4:25)

* The Hollywood after parties (6:23)

* The Hollywood lifestyle (9:10)

* What made us stand out (11:42)

* Sneaking into the elite Oscars party (12:50)

* What Luis Luv does during the day (16:10)

* Today's pandemic-driven housing market (17:19)

* Why is everyone leaving LA? (21:00)

*The cow suit (26:26)

Listen here:

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