• Freddy Rivera

Radio Flyer Has Taken Off!

You know what the HARDEST part of doing a podcast is? STARTING the podcast..... Goodness! There’s a significant feeling of vulnerability in contrast to radio. It’s an interesting world. But it’s a story worth sharing... so that’s what the #RadioFlyer project is about: the ongoing story, struggle and moments that Instagram couldn’t justifiably capture. My captions were terrible.

Show 1 is all about how I got my start in radio. In a nutshell - I snuck in the building. I always thought it was a good story to tell. Shared it many times on career day at schools. They seemed to like it 😂. Hope you do too! #radioflyer

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and most places Podcasts are heard. Also please let me know which app you're listening on and if you have any trouble finding the podcast on your favorite platform. Email me at radioflyerlive@gmail.com

Most of all, I cannot cannot cannot thank you enough for your support! It means a lot!

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