• Freddy Rivera

Episode 2: My Top 5 Oddest Jobs

Let's see where do I begin. I've had a lot of weird interesting jobs. I mean I've always had radio - but at the beginning those paychecks weren't cutting it. So I had to go and find a REAL job to pay those bills. Oh the sacrifices! Check these out:

*Playboy Radio

*LA County Coroner's Office

*Limo Driver

*Door-to-Door Salesman

*Cutlery Dealer

At the time these seemed pretty normal to me... I did what I had to do. But now, looking back, its kind of insane. Makes for a great story to tell. So what's what this new episode is about! Welcome to episode 2 of Radio Flyer!

P.S. You have to hear Producer Ruben and Michelle Zuno's odd job story. Ruben's involves dating the bosses girlfriend while pretending to be an engineer. You can't make this stuff up!!!

You can listen here...

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