• Freddy Rivera

A Trip To London, Coldplay & The Transporter

In a Post-Pandemic world Luis Luv and I took a trip to London. It all started with getting the hookup with Coldplay's team to go the pre-party, the concert at Wembley Stadium and then the after-party. That was the plan. But what we got... was more than we bargained for.

For starters, I invited Luis Luv to come along with me. I mean it starts off just as planned. But it only takes ONE NIGHT to get the ball rolling... and by rolling, I mean the real adventure of a lifetime.

Drinks with Chris Martin's dad before the concert, being driven over 100 MPH by a real-life transporter - in the rain, our first time at one of London's biggest clubs, Luis Luv missing out on ducks and waffles... I can keep going.

But the general public really wants to know what was up with those seven cookies... what does it all mean?

You can listen to our adventure here! Thank you to Warner Music Group and Parlaphone for making this adventure a reality!!!

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